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 The Marathon!!

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PostSubject: The Marathon!!   Tue Nov 24, 2009 2:01 am

Event Time

Monday - Saturday 11:55am-1:55pm, 5:55pm-7:55pm, 9:55pm-11:55pm (-5 GameTime)
Sunday they hold the rewards

Event Contents

1. Go to Sparta Suburbs, this is where you will find Fitness Trainer 1. If you can't find it Press M look for the pink 1
2. Talk about getting the health manual.
3. Once you get it you will be sent to Fitness Trainer 2.
4. Once you run finally reach here you will need to answer simple math questions, this will go for all of them

The order it goes it 1-2-3-4-5-3-5-2-1-6-7-10-8-7-9-7-6-1
I suggest using scrolls to get places faster.
If you don't remmeber this order thats ok... if you open your inventory the health manual will be in there and tell you where to go next

Event Rewards
1. Everyday the first two times players participate in the event they will win 140 E-Gold, while the third time they participate they will get 70 E-Gold.
2. The weekly Top 10 players will receive a ton of E-Gold and special titles from Fitness Trainer 1.

Weekly Rankings

Rank Reward Title
1st Place 2000 E-Gold The Flash
2nd Place 1000 E-Gold Weekend Jogger
3rd Place 700 E-Gold Treadmill Expert
4th-10th Place 400 E-Gold The Quickness

jwhat - warrior - 92
jjwhat - priest - 64
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The Marathon!!
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