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 Spell Book Guide

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PostSubject: Spell Book Guide   Wed Nov 25, 2009 6:46 pm

Spell Books Guide

Skill Books come in 4 different colors, Red for Champions, Green for Warriors, Purple for Priests, and Blue for Mages

It states that the book is for the Class, Priest.
it is also the 3rd Lv. of the skill, Gaia Care, as you see the title is "Gaia Care 3" a priest would have to learn "Gaia Care, and "Gaia Care 2" before learning this "Gaia Care 3".
it also shows that this item "can be traded."
Priest Lv.66
and that the required Lv. is 66, also that it's for priest in the same "Red Letters" the red lettering shows that I am unable to learn this skill at the moment, but since I'm not a priest, I won't be able to learn this skill, but it may show in red, even if you're a Priest, bc you must reach the required Lv. for the skill to be learned.
and finally it shows the resale price at the bottom, this skill can be sold for 1270 Silver,
If anybody would like this skill, I will sell it for that price, 1270 silver.

now for this Spell Book, this is a Champion Skill Book, as you can see, "Champion Lv.50" is in white now, this is because I have reached the requirements to learn this spell book.
I am a Champion, and I am Lv.50+(Lv.50 and above)
also the "Can't be traded" is in yellow, this means the only actions I can take with this spell book are "Learn the spell book, or if I've learned the spell already, I can sell it to a merchant, or jus' discard it" you can discard and item by clicking and holding, then dragging it off the bag menu(B) then clicking "Ok" to confirm the deletion of the item, but I suggest collecting spell books as other guild members may need the skill, and skill books are quite useful in your journey of collecting silver.

Thanks for your cooperation, and have fun everyone. -SirCross, DOC Guild-Leader
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Spell Book Guide
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